Our Services

From Universal, Targeted & Specialist interventions face to face - to online services and remote support anywhere in the UK...

Referral or 'Call for Support'

You can access both online and face-to-face services for different levels of support. Contact us to find out more about how we can help!

When you work with us at bOunceT, you will follow a ‘journey’ which flows much like a river. You will see from the image below that one of our Occupational Therapy team, or our Service Journey Officer, will get in touch with you from when you are first referred (or self refer yourself).

This is so we can work with you, and your family, to prioritise your needs, then recommend & provide different interventions to you (at different times of your journey with us)!


Our Levels of Intervention pyramid below highlights the different levels of help that we can give you, and your family, when accessing our online and face to face services.

All our processes and products/services will be explained to you during your ‘First Contact’ meeting with one of our Occupational Therapy staff.

Levels of Intervention - services