First ever open booking training course for Rebound Therapy in Stirling

“I had a really enjoyable and informative day!”

On Saturday 20th April 2024, Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Specialist Occupational Therapist) hosted bounceOT’s first ever ‘open’ booking training course for rebound therapy.

The training was facilitated at the office & therapeutic play space in Stirling – bounceOT’s HQ!

This fell on the organisations 7th birthday, meaning some celebrations throughout the day 🙂

The outline for the day –

Ryan (Therapeutic Play Leader) & Callum facilitated the training course. There were 4 individuals who booked to attend – it was a really mixed group of people: a parent carer, support worker, Specialist Occupational Therapist, and student Physiotherapist.

To help promote the brand, and give everyone the resources needed to learn effectively, bounceOT provided training ‘packs’ (within our new Tote bags)…

Also, some new caps were handed out for free (usually on Sale via our online Shop) –


First, to start off the training, the group engaged in some online interactive questions. This included questions about their knowledge/ skills re: rebound therapy currently, and what their best hopes were for the day.

Q: What are your best hopes for today?

A: To upskill and learn ; To have a better understanding of rebound therapy ; see how rebound therapy can be adapted for all needs ; To help with service user outcomes ; promote exercise ….

Q: What is your background & what population of people do you work with?

A: OT young people with LD ; 5 year old twins ; Gymnastics Coach ; Final year Student Physio ; CP ; Autism ; Global development delay ; Parent Carer …

All in attendance were keen to keep in touch and develop a community of practice (CoP) as it was identified that there’s a lack of peer support within this field.

Now, there has been a private group on Facebook set up (click here if you want to visit the group and request to join!)

Roughly around 1 hour was spent discussing some of the key references and resources that all trained individuals should be aware of, and spend time reading further, to enhance their knowledge.

This included the research article that Callum published within PMLD Link’s Winter 2022 journal – blogged about here: “Rebound Therapy: exercise and fun on a trampoline!”


After a lunch break (where everyone was offered some tasty Cheesecake as the ‘cake’ for bounceOT’s 7th birthday!) the team spent a fun afternoon ‘playing’ …

The practical included things like…

Practicing hoist transfers & how to use your body weight to move the trampoline bed, instead of bouncing…

Different ‘go to’ activities to do on the trampoline…

& the team were encouraged to make some up some of their own games (these were shared with others and discussions were around how to adapt these for children and adults with different strengths and weaknesses)…


The best bit(s) for me …

“I really enjoyed the whole day, I enjoyed the mixed group and having some great conversations. I also enjoyed the practical side of it”

The worst bits for me …

“Honestly, I couldn’t fault it!”

“I had a really enjoyable and informative day!”

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