Fife to Stirling for weekly rebound therapy fun!

If Julia could bounce every day she would😅

bounceOT have been working in partnership with Cornerstone‘s Fife service across the last few years to ensure that a specific weekly time slot is reserved for two adults to access rebound therapy sessions.


‘We have been using @bounceot for 3 years – we travel from Fife to access the service as there is nothing like it in our area 🚗 Emma enjoys her time at @bounceot , it helps her with posture and she has the freedom to move around the trampoline, something she doesn’t get anywhere else as she is a full time wheelchair user who requires assistance in every aspect of her life. 

You just have to look at her to see how much she enjoys her sessions.  Both Brian and @elizabounceot have been wonderful, supporting the staff to help Emma to gain so much from her sessions, they are warm and friendly and we all look forward to our sessions very much.‘


Julia loves her @bounceot days, she travels from Fife and is very excited in the car and starts to vocalise as we approach Stirling because she knows where she is going 🚗

Once on the trampoline she stretches out her entire body – the look on her face is priceless! 🤩

Julia uses a wheelchair full time and requires support in every aspect of her life…she also has a spinal condition which causes pain and curvature.
On the trampoline she can have the freedom that she gets nowhere else. She fully stretches her body and arms and her favourite part is when we do big bounces, she laughs and smiles as if to say, higher!

In the photo she is watching herself in the mirror as she is bounced on the trampoline.
Eliza and Brian have been great with her, she loves to see them both and saves big smiles especially for Brian.

They have helped Julia with her posture and in turn this impacts on her pain management which then impacts on her mood – resulting in a very happy lady 😃. If Julia could bounce every day she would😅

On the return drive home Julia is so relaxed and smiles the entire journey.
Her advice would be to anyone, regardless of ability, is to try it.⭐️

You’ll have a bouncy wonderful experience! 👏

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