10 care staff now rebound therapy trained in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

On Thursday 18th April 2024, Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Specialist Occupational Therapist) delivered rebound therapy training to 10 staff from Potential Living in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

Callum was joined by Eliza (Service Manager) & Ryan (Therapeutic Play Leader) to help facilitate.

From 10am – 12.30pm, the group covered some ‘theory’ and foundations about rebound therapy within Potential Living’s HQ office in Motherwell.

Slido was used to get the group interactive initially – people answered some questions from their mobile phones, then read all responses on the projected screen:

Some of the responses included:

“Used to support a focus person years ago to rebound”

“I don’t know a lot.”

“Seems really beneficial to the people you will be supporting. Haven’t done it before until potential living”

“Haven’t heard of it”

The following online question asked the audience –

What population of people do you work with? E.g. age/ disability/ school or community…

A word cloud was formed with the key words from peoples responses –

Finally, participants were asked about their best hopes for the training day –

“To learn what Rebound is, what benefits it’ll give to people you support, learn different techniques etc”

“To learn rebound to be confident to take my focus person be participate in trampoline as it will be very beneficial for them”

“To learn more about what rebound is and the ways that it can help our focus people”

“Learn more about what positions are best with pillows mats etc”

After an excellent lunch was put on by the management of Potential Living, the training moved across to a rented hall space at Wishaw Sports Centre!

Wishaw Sports Centre is run by North Lanarkshire Council’s ‘Active NL‘ – they have a lot of fantastic facilities


The best bit(s) for me …

“Learning the synchronisation”

“Realising the health benefits”

“New Games on the trampoline”

“I really enjoyed the whole day”

“Practical sensory activities”

“Getting to try different things”

Personal Development Plan (PDP) – “I realise that I would like to still learning more about/ work more on … “

“Techniques and additional ways to deliver”

“Persons personal safety positioning of supports and weight loads on trampoline and risks involved”

“Learn more sensory games”

“Nothing. I’d like to actually utilise the equipment first”

Finally, if you have anything else to feedback (positive and/or constructive) please let us know here –

“Fab training, thank you”

“Thank you”

“More time spent on setting up the trampoline might be helpful for those that have not done it before”

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