7 things we’re doing to be bigger and better – 7th Birthday Blog

On Saturday 20th April 2024 we will be 7 years old as a Community Interest Company (CIC).

What a journey it has been across the last few years…but here at bounceOT we are already planning the next 7 years!

To celebrate the occasion, here’s 7 things that we are doing as a social enterprise to be even bigger, and even better, across the next 7 years…

1.Developing a Purpose Statement

We already have a mission statement and a vision statement…we thought that would be enough. However, from recent experience, it is clear that we need an articulate way of saying ‘why’ we do what we do…e.g. what our purpose is.

We gathered some great feedback from parents and carers recently that identified a range of key words people used to describe bounceOT –

This will be really useful to help develop a purpose statement, but we know there’s more feedback we need to gather from different stakeholders of the business – e.g. customers, beneficiaries and partner/referral services.

2.Launching new Specialist OT services

Callum (Founder & Lead Occupational Therapist) has been supported by Lynsay McFarlane-Shaw from OTachieve across recent months for clinical supervision. As part of these sessions, Callum and Lynsay have explored things that Callum could do now/next/later in context of Specialist clinical OT work.

OT Coaching – based on the Occupational Performance Coaching model and research – has been trialled at bounceOT before, so this was an obvious choice to consider.

More recently, bounceOT have updated the logo for this service to feel more consistent with the updated branding across the organisation.

The other new OT offering at bounceOT is not brand new either, but it is something that has only been available to a limited number of customers as bounceOT have not facilitated ‘open’ booking options…

Rebound Therapy Training (developed and facilitated by Specialist OT)

Callum is delivering our first-ever ‘open’ booking training course within our therapeutic play space in Stirling on Saturday 20th April (the day of our 7th birthday)!

Keep an eye out for more training dates soon…hopefully this will be a regular thing!

3.Launching a new website & CRM system

We have teamed up with James Dobson from Outward (Digital Marketing/Branding/Print Design) to help make our digital dreams a reality!

Our website and email address’ will change to bounceot.com very soon.

Here’s some screenshots from the quick mock up that James presented to Callum recently…although the content and photos will likely change and be developed further.

Website –

CRM system –

Booking a rebound therapy session online will be easier than ever, and everything will be stored in one place where people can log in to track a booking/ the session/ payments and more.

This is an example of what parents and carers will see via a log in area of the website…notes, photos and videos of therapeutic play & rebound therapy sessions from staff…

There’s so much more the website and CRM system will offer, we can’t wait to share it soon!

4.Expanding the team

We have recently offered an increase in hours, and pay rates, to various staff currently working at bounceOT… this is thanks to the overwhelming demand for therapeutic play & rebound therapy sessions in Stirling!

As we settle people into new working patterns, we will look to fill various gaps across the Monday to Sunday timetable that we operate…and even look at ‘pop up’ more often in places like Hamilton/South Lanarkshire & North Lanarkshire areas (where we currently do some work for a few hours per week with families – partnership with PAMIS Scotland).

Also, we require support with marketing/social media…financial administration…fundraising…and more! Obviously we will only do what we can initially, but our vision is to have more paid staff within the team – be that contracted or self-employed (depending on the role).


We will look to recruit volunteers to our Board of Directors and/or Advisor to the Board groups to help us with #goodgovernance…watch this space!

Similarly, although not specifically adding to our internal/operational team of staff, we are going to launch the development of a new community… a community of practice for people interesting in rebound therapy!

5.Fundraising Fun

On the note of fundraising, we have some work in the pipeline to get our own branded display that accepts contactless donations … we’re still unsure what would be best/where – e.g. wall mounted or physical stand….decisions will be made soon 🙂

6.Launching ‘merch’

Excitingly, we have developed some ‘trial’ merchandise for bounceOT… so far some mugs, caps & pens/notebooks.

We have a lot more plans to develop branded clothing that will hopefully be attractive, and comfortable, for people to wear when coming for therapeutic play & rebound therapy sessions!

If anyone would like to help us design tops, hoodies, socks, caps (and more) please get in touch!

All of this merch, and more, can be found via our online Shop –

Click here to access our Shop

Now, for our BIG bit of news…

7.Trial 3-4 new bounceOT sites (as franchisees)

Callum has been working with business development consultants from The Franchise Company (TfC) across the last year. Although this is not ready to be launched yet, plans are well underway to get bounceOT ready to recruit our first franchisee by the end of 2024.

The intention is to launch some different types of franchisees to see what works best – e.g. registered OT(s) running their own social enterprise, and non-OT’s (basically anyone) who wants to set up their own business and get all the support/ guidance they need to do so!

We intent to work with people from Scotland initially who want to open up their own bounceOT… for example:

bounceOT Falkirk

bounceOT Clackmannanshire

bounceOT Aberdeen

bounceOT Dunfermline

However, if anyone else from other areas of the UK would like to open up their own bounceOT then we would be delighted to meet and discuss!


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and celebrate our 7th business birthday together…

Here’s to another 7 years!