Keynote lecture about rebound therapy at national OT Show in Birmingham

Founder & Occupational Therapy Lead of bounceOT, Callum MacKinnon, recently presented in the Keynote Theatre at the annual ‘OT Show’ in Birmingham.

An adapted version of the presentation slides can be viewed here!

headshot of occupational therapist advertising lecture presentation at The OT Show about rebound therapy

Callum was approached to speak at the OT Show a few months prior to the event.

The theme of rebound therapy and service development was discussed in an attempt to find ‘what angle’ should the presentation take.

Callum on the stage before starting his lecture

It was felt the best approach for this 45 min lecture [35 min presentation/ 10 mins Q+A] was to name it “Rebound Therapy as an OT following the UTS* model”

*UTS – Universal, Targeted & Specialist

Callum on the stage about to start his lecture, as people were filtering in from the back after other talks finished in other halls

Callum introduced himself, to position his skills and experience across the Occupational Therapy profession and this specialist field of practice.

After this, information about BounceOT was shared – explaining the background and development of the specialist rebound therapy service…

After this, it was important to put rebound therapy into context…

OT publishes article in popular journal PMLD Link “Rebound Therapy: exercise and fun on a trampoline!” Bounce OT (

Must read ^^^

In the UK ‘rebound therapy’ is a descriptive term which means the therapeutic use of a trampoline
(Intellectual Property Office, 2013).

There is no one organisation that physiotherapists or occupational therapists have to go to in order to be trained in Rebound therapy.

There is not a trademark for rebound therapy in the UK.

Both RCOT & HCPC have confirmed with me that OT’s can practice rebound therapy as an intervention and have provided support when undergoing a recent audit with HCPC.


The rebound therapy intervention provided by BounceOT is not a ‘trampolining’ sport.
It is distinct from gymnastic trampolining



The Advertising Standards Authority “told Rebound Therapy Ltd” to ensure that they did not suggest that the term ‘rebound therapy’ could not be used without their permission…or that their course was mandatory for prospective practitioners.


There is very little in the way of professional publications and literature relating to the topic of rebound therapy.

In a situation such as this, OT’s draw on extensive research and evidence which is published within the wider health care industry and, for rebound therapy specifically, publications within physiotherapy.

Then, a tiered approach/ UTS model was discussed in context of bounceOT


At a universal level, we understand the importance of early intervention and prevention to promote the well-being of all children, young people, and adults.

We provide information and literature, be involved in activities and programmes organised by others to improve skills and confidence, work with partners to increase participation and support the ‘just right’ environment.

eLearning module access (to our training, and signposting to other relevant sites and resources)

Family Carer Sessions


Targeting our support to groups of parents and professionals who work directly with children/young people/ adults with potentially greater well-being needs is the effective way to deliver training, programmes, strategies, environmental changes that support these individuals all day every day.

Rebound Therapy Training

rebound therapy training logo ot

1:1 Rebound Therapy & Therapeutic Play Sessions


Some people require individualised occupational therapy at certain times in their lives. This is provided in episodes of outcome focused support.

Occupational Performance Coaching (for parent carers)

Joint OT & Physio assessment

OT-led sensory view of individual e.g. Sensory Profile

Finally, a ‘Specialist opportunity’ was presented to the audience…

We have been lucky enough to receive £5,000 from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) Specialist Section for People with Learning Disabilities (SSPLD)


To develop a high quality and evidence-based guide about the therapeutic use of the trampoline [as an intervention].


I will lead the planning for, project management, and dissemination of the guidance document with consultancy and research support from Sports for Confidence* (SfC).

*Our proposed partner within the funding application


Online and printed copies of an evidence-based resource for Occupational Therapists and other key stakeholders working with people living with a learning disability.


Children and adults with a learning disability will have better access to a safe, fun, and therapeutic activity that can help meet their physical, sensory, medical and/or wellbeing needs.

RCOT award £5,000 to create new therapeutic guide – Therapeutic Use Of The Trampoline – Bounce OT (

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