I enjoyed the training today it was informative and i now feel more confident to take on this work with the young people I support. I felt everyone’s opinions were valued. Overall i enjoyed it. 

We previously blogged about working with Ashton Secondary School in Glasgow here –

Glasgow ASN school certify 11 staff as Play Leaders in rebound therapy – BounceOT

In August 2023, Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Specialist Occupational Therapist) and Eliza (Service Manager) were asked to come back and train 9 staff as Play Leaders.

This is part of the wider vision for the school to use rebound therapy consistently across the curriculum.

Callum has supported our staff to develop their knowledge of rebound therapy where we found his knowledge and attention to detail very beneficial leaving staff confident and excited to develop our in-school programmes

Nicola (Headteacher) & Callum (Lead Occupational Therapist)

There were 3 staff who had received rebound therapy training previously with BounceOT but wanted an update of the training as they had not had many opportunities to put their learning into practice. This meant that 6 of the school staff were new to using rebound therapy in their practice.

I feel supported by my colleagues to use this resource as a team now. I’m confident that the pupils will get a lot out of these sessions.

Overall, Ashton have now invested in training 17 of their staff to use rebound therapy!

I was unsure what the training would be like. It was presented calmly and I’m hopeful that the pupils will engage well with the activity. I’m pleased that I’ve taken part.

Callum, Eliza and Ashton school staff were able to use the equipment that the school owns, and find more fun things to use from the PE cupboard when making up games/ therapeutic activity ideas!

I felt encouraged to go onto the trampoline once I seen others get involved. I felt trusting and safe towards other staff when on the trampoline. I am now curious and excited to develop my own ideas into practice , and I am confident on how to share some knowledge on rebound therapy to offer staff members.

Compliance with Health and Safety – both at an individual pupil level, and environmentally – was discussed in detail throughout the full training day.

I feel grateful that I have been able to take part in this course.

After the course I feel confident to put what I have learned in practice. I am excited to try rebound with the pupils in my class. 

Callum highlighted that time on the ‘big trampoline’ is just one element of a therapeutic play session – although it is what people instantly think when they consider the phrase rebound therapy. 

I feel grateful that I have been able to take part in this course.
After the course I feel confident to put what I have learned in practice.
I am excited to try rebound with the pupils in my class. 

[everyone using their phone/iPad to submit electronic feedback and reflections at the end of the training day!]

Are you looking for rebound therapy training?

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Team BounceOT 🙂

I feel confident with using the trampoline with the young people and happy to do so. I feel supported by my work colleagues and know they will help and support me on it.

Notes/ Further Information

Ashton Secondary School is a specialist provision located in Glasgow. It provides education from 12 to 18 years of age for young people with additional support needs.

Bounce OT is an activity-based service that was founded by Callum MacKinnon (Occupational Therapist) in April 2017.

BounceOT offer a range of therapeutic services for toddlers, children, young people and adults with disabilities, and their families, to overcome the impact of inequality.

The first official Play Leader training at Ashton Secondary School was facilitated by Callum and Sharon Craighead (below) in February 2021 – delayed slightly from 2020 due to COVID.

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