BounceOT has been shortlisted to the final of Scottish EDGE‘s Round 20, in the Young EDGE category.

Overall, such a positive business proposal, making a real difference to the clients that have been supported and now looking to roll out the proven model further!

Judging Panel – 1st Stage Assessment

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent.

Whilst Scottish EDGE is open to all who meet the online criteria, an additional special category has been designed to support Companies whose Directors are all aged 18-30 (excluding Non-Exec Directors and Investors) in the form of Young EDGE.

Applicants who are eligible for the Young EDGE category are assessed as part of the Scottish EDGE 1st Stage Assessment Process and, should they meet the scoring level required following assessment, will be invited to pitch live at the Young EDGE Final, for the chance to win one of the prizes up to £20,000.

Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Specialist Occupational Therapist) recently applied for Young EDGE being the sole founder & Person with Significant Control (on the organisations Board) and being under 30 years old.

The good news from Scottish EDGE came a few weeks after submitting the Young EDGE application. All proposals (full online application & 3-minute video) were assessed by a panel of business experts and professionals.

Screenshot of our 3-minute video

Click here to see the full video on Vimeo!

Looking back…

Callum initially set up the social enterprise as a small project at 23 years old whilst in his final year of studying Occupational Therapy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Previously, Callum applied to Young EDGE twice and was shortlisted into both finals to pitch live to judges (2018 & 2019). However, the consistent message was not questioning the innovative approach to clinical practice or ambition he had to run the company – it was the business model that was questioned.

As Scottish EDGE is for high growth and ambitious start-up companies, the judges advised Callum to strongly consider alternative models that can allow BounceOT to become sustainable first – then grow at scale.

3rd time lucky?!

Given the feedback previously was to develop a clearer business model – then with the impact of COVID across the last 2 years – there has been roughly a 3 year gap since Callum’s last contact with Scottish EDGE. However, this allowed Callum and the Leadership Team time to trial and implement various changes/ developments across the organisation.

Key milestones have been achieved – some listed below* – and a focus towards running the service ‘as a business’ as opposed to only delivering fully funded services once grant funding is received has become clearer. For example, there are clearer tiered approaches with different referral routes and payment options for services. We now have a mix of ‘customers’ who pay via Direct Debit, Membership schemes & per hour from private funding or Social Work payments (Self Directed Support) – to name a few.

*we have been backed by key partners and funders to deliver projects ; we have been approved as a supplier to provide services to Stirling Council’s Social Inclusion Framework ; we are growing our team internally to keep up with demand ; we have multiple new income streams from different customers.

Finally, as a result, Callum felt ready to re-apply to Young EDGE again with a stronger business proposal.

The Proposal

In summary, our growth plans focus on developing a social replication model – similar to fellow healthcare social enterprise Talking Mats who license a training programme at different tiers.

Callum has always believed there is a gap in the market to ‘do’ rebound therapy differently [than others who currently provide direct services, or Training & Consultancy – in their own model of practice].

Callum recently blogged about the work BounceOT does, the evidence behind this, and how it is different from others in the market – you can read it here!

As a result of proving what we do works from a clinical perspective – and knowing there is a need to share this knowledge/skill – we have been able to launch 2 new ‘products’ as a new arm of the business:

Our foundation-level eLearning module about Purposeful Play
The next stage in our learning pathway – Play Leader (Certified) training.


The intention behind this is not only to develop new income streams for the organisation, but start the process of establishing a clear learning pathway for anyone to follow if they wish to ‘buy in’ to our methedology.

Callum’s vision for the next steps of this learning pathway to be where people become Purposeful Play Therapists – perhaps licensed to replicate our training themselves and/or able to ‘do what we do’ as part of a franchise in their local area.

bOunceT in a box

This is our ‘packaged’ franchise idea – as people say a franchise is a business in a box…well, here is bOunceT in a box! We want to make our processes and branding as streamlined as possible, so anyone anywhere can replicate what we do!

That’s right – you don’t need to be a qualified Occupational Therapist to run bOunceT in your local area! Callum and the team at ‘HQ’ can package everything someone will need to run a service just like in Stirling.

What the panel thought…

The feedback so far is very positive and encouraging for Callum to feel confident going into the 3-minute pitch and 7-minute question time, as part of a Dragons Den style event.

Such a great business concept and strong compelling story conveyed across the video visuals and messages.

Great to see that you have been able to support so many children with disabilities, especially throughout the covid period.

Very impactful business, such a credible business leader and gaining really strong advisory support and partnerships.

Has been clearly well-backed to date with lots of funding support – this evidences real credibility in the offering.

Seems to be a business going in the right direction and like the fact there are now plans to move in to franchising the proven model.

Is there any scope for working with the wider councils when looking to franchise in to other areas.

Clearly providing a worthwhile service and this is demonstrated with having a strong customer waiting list.

Really like the training programme concept as this will open up another revenue stream – seems to be a overall well thought through business proposal.

© Sandy young Photography 07970 268944 Scottish EDGE Awards Ceremony at RBS, Gogarburn E: W:

The Young EDGE final is only a few weeks away – Tuesday 25th October.

We’re looking forward to being part of the experience, and whatever the outcome, we are proud to represent Bounce OT to the judges and Callum will take all the feedback on board [for future business development]

Here’s to the Social Replication Project!

Team BounceOT


Notes about Scottish EDGE & Round 20

The current round of the competition resulted in 200 applications being received, demonstrating that the level of entrepreneurial activity in Scotland remains high.

Scottish EDGE delivers 4 categories within each round, offering enhanced opportunities for the highest rated businesses to progress to our live pitching stages.

  1. Scottish EDGE (including Net Zero, STV, INioIC, Creative & Circular Economy Awards)
  2. Social Enterprise EDGE Final 
  3. Young EDGE
  4. Wild Card EDGE

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