man on a bike
Brian (Play Leader) with 1 of the 2 new bikes

The Leadership Team at bOunceT have made a new employee benefit available to core staff working evenings and weekends – a brand new bike!

This benefit comes at the same time that all staff are signed up to the Level 1 Heathcare Plan with Westfield Health.

bOunceT have invested in purchasing 2 bikes that will be regularly used by Eliza and Brian, who deliver 1:1 therapeutic play sessions across a 7 day per week timetable.

This will make getting to, and from, work much easier and faster – especially on weekends or evenings!

Eliza out and about on one of the new bikes!

In addition to being practical for work, Eliza explains the benefits of using the new bike for her leisure time:

I’ve lived in Stirling for 8 years and only now feel like I’m starting to explore our wonderful city properly thanks to my new bike! It’s great to get out as a family and be able to keep up with my little ones on bikes/scooters too so thank you for the gift Callum!

Keep an eye out for more updates from bOunceT and the team!


Team BounceOT 🙂

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