BounceOT successfully facilitated a second round of rebound therapy training with Education staff at Castleview Primary School in Stirling.

This brings the total number of Castleview’s staff certified as Play Leaders in rebound therapy to 10 [since 2018].

Located in Raploch Community Campus, Castleview supports children with a range of severe and profound additional support needs. 

Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Lead Occupational Therapist) had previously facilitated rebound therapy training with Castleview school staff back in 2019, after working in the school for a short period of time to get the therapeutic activity ‘back up and running’.

The idea of using a trampoline for therapeutic use (rebound therapy) within the school was originally introduced several years prior to Callum working there in 2019. The school team had previously completed a rebound therapy training course with another provider to BounceOT – even before we were founded as a social enterprise in 2017!

Due to staff changes, limited capacity between remaining staff who were trained in rebound, and uncertainty/confusion surrounding rules and compliance regarding this activity – unfortunately the equipment was not used for a period of time. Therefore, pupils were not accessing the space or able to participate in meaningful physical activity. This was a real shame for the children who missed out on participating in the activity, and a waste of (expensive) resources!

Elaine Murray, who was Headteacher at the time, collaborated with Callum in 2018 to discuss ways of working together so rebound therapy could be an option for pupils again.

The outcome of this was successful partnership working to deliver a mix of 1:1 sessions at the school (led by Callum), development of Health & Safety paperwork and policies, and on-site training to certify staff as Play Leaders in rebound therapy.

More recently, BounceOT was asked to come back to train 5 new teaching staff. Eliza (Service Manager) led the OT-approved training with staff on-site during an in-service day.

Castleview school staff were expected to review BounceOT’s eLearning module: Purposeful Play before attending the 1 day training.

Purposefu Play Foundation

This eLearning module is not exclusively for those who wish to certify as a Play Leader – but it has been introduced as the ‘start of the learning pathway’ for those undertaking more formal training with BounceOT.

The short, online module was originally created for parent carers, and healthcare/social care/Psychology etc students who wanted to learn more about activity analysis, play vs purposeful play, and the ‘just right’ challenge.

You can find out more about this eLearning module, and the learning outcomes, here!

Anyone who signs up (either paid, or for free*) has access to this learning – and any therapy resources that we upload over time – for up to 1 year. Therefore, individuals who certify as Play Leaders will always have access to OT informed resources after the 1 day training – regardless if follow up support and/or Consultancy is agreed with OT staff.

*BounceOT often offer access to this eLearning full funded to parents and carers with different project funding awarded to us throughout the year

Compliance with Health and Safetyboth at an individual pupil level, and environmentallywas discussed in detail throughout the full training day.

Reflections about risk and compliance were considered ‘in the classroom’ when discussing theory in the morning over some tea/coffee, then again when being active during the ‘practical’ section all afternoon.

Rebecca Howe (Principle Teacher) at Castleview Primary commented:

The in-person training was interesting and I thought the online module (covering theory) was well organised. The staff on the training already had a good knowledge of play but it was a lovely refresher. Eliza was approachable and clearly passionate about her role

The space for rebound therapy within the school was originally considered challenging, but by adopting a collaborative approach with the Senior Leadership staff and Headteacher, BounceOT have successfully risk assessed the physical environment. This includes rules and boundaries for staff to follow when considering which pupil(s) can access the activity, and for what benefit.

Luckily, NHS Forth Valley Physio’s use this equipment as part of their school therapy programmes with pupils. So, some children and staff receive additional support and guidance specific to the individuals needs.

Eliza reflected on the commitment of all staff attending the training course:

It’s so great to see a full team of staff very motivated to learn and put this into their practice with the children and young people

Specialist OT staff and Eliza will remain providing support and advice to the school – ensuring compliance with best practice from training, and answering questions from certified Play Leaders as needed.

Are you looking for rebound therapy training?

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Team BounceOT 🙂

BounceOT have ensured the rebound therapy training offered by Specialist OT staff is unique and competitive compared to other training providers in the market.

We commit to:

Reduced face-to-face contact to 1 day (making accessing training more accessible and fair – especially when considering time away from regular work, and funding this). Most other providers require 2 days training commitment.

-Keeping prices low cost and making discounts available on block bookings.

Delivering training on site (at your school, leisure center, or any other relevant location) – this helps when discussing compliance and similar re: risk assessing your own space.

Approved training by HCPC registered Specialist Occupational Therapist’s* and facilitated by experienced specialist staff.
*who are well connected to other HCPC registered healthcare professionals like Physiotherapists, and have significant work experience across independent practice and NHS services

-Offering bespoke follow-up support and/or Consultancy – to ensure your transition to now ‘doing’ rebound therapy sessions on your own/as a team are as high quality and compliant as possible.

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