Following on from the success of the Kickstart Scheme – where we hosted 3 young people’s work placements, click here to read about itbOunceT has been lucky enough to secure further funding from Stirling Council to facilitate another 6 months of work for 1 of the young adults.

Viktor (Social Media Assistant) was chosen to continue working 25 hours per week in a promoted role (with a higher pay rate). This has all been made possible thanks to the ongoing collaborations between the Leadership Team at bOunceT and Gordon Wright at Stirling Council’s Learning and Employability Team.

The Scottish Government’s Young Person Guarantee scheme is funding Viktor’s position in the company until early 2023. It is hoped that Viktor will be able to continue working with bOunceT even part time, once the funding is finished.

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a commitment to bring together employers, partners and young people. It aims to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity.

Viktor reflects on his time working at bOunceT previously:

I’m extremely happy to have been taken on for a further 6 months at BounceOT. The first 6 months i was with them was such an amazing experience since it allowed me to put all the skills i had learned through my own interests in content creation for many different social media platforms to good use to aid a great company with their social media and marketing.

Looking forward, Viktor hopes to engage in as much learning and work opportunities as possible.

I hope that in the months to come I’ll be able to continue creating new and interesting work for BounceOT and at the same time improve upon my own skills in online marketing through the many great courses that have been provided for me through my time at BounceOT.

Viktor will be able to continue working flexible hours and from home when he wants to –

Having flexibility to work the hours and days that suit me (within a schedule) is great to maintain a good balance between work and life activities. Having the opportunity to work from home is very useful in that it allows me to do the same work as I would do in the office, but it doesn’t require me to be in the office every day, so I have more time to focus on work (less travel) and do other important things to me.

Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Lead Occupational Therapist) explains how Viktor’s role can help build capacity across the business –

We are a small team that increases and decreases with capacity often, usually depending on grant funding and projects happening at different times. Having Viktor support us with marketing and social media posts is so helpful. This is often an overlooked part of the day to day – from myself included – but the value that consistent communication, and engaging visuals can bring (especially for the work we do) is priceless.

Keep an eye out on our increased activity on social media, and the revamp of our website (in collaboration with NGage and Art is an Option) – it’s probably Viktor helping do a lot of this!

Team BounceOT 🙂

Background of Young Person Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee is employer-led. You are essential in making a difference to a young person’s life, by giving them employment and experience.

You can help prepare and inspire school and college students to gain the skills they need for the world of work. There are lots of benefits to this, including:  

  • increased business profile within the community 
  • earlier access to future talent  
  • the opportunity to develop and motivate your existing staff 
  • increased awareness of your industry and organisation 
  • meeting your corporate social responsibility 
  • supporting the curriculum to be industry relevant 

Help all young people achieve their full potential by engaging with those who face more barriers. 

Benefits to you include: 

  • enhanced creativity and innovation through a fresh perspective 
  • support and develop your diversity and inclusion strategy 
  • improved staff engagement and retention 
  • competitive advantage within your industry 
  • positive workplace culture 
  • helping others achieve their potential 
  • achieving your full business capability

Provide work-based learning, training and upskilling opportunities for young people and benefit from: 

  •  a skilled workforce for now and in the future 
  •  unlocked potential 
  •  increased loyalty 
  •  fewer skills gaps 
  •  gaining a competitive advantage 

Create jobs and opportunities

Be part of a network of employers who are creating opportunities for young people. You can: 

  • train and mould new talent 
  • support succession planning 
  • gain new ideas and insight from a generationally diverse team 
  • benefit from digital skills 
  • improve diverse practices and brand awareness 

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