Specialist OT staff, Play Leaders, and OT students on placement at bOunceT will begin delivering services to new families in a new local authority area. This new partnership is the result of joint innovation with PAMIS. The aim of this project is to provide high quality – and FUN – activities to individuals living with profound and multiple disabilities, and their families.

PAMIS South Lanarkshire are delighted to be working alongside Callum, and his team, to bring rebound therapy & inclusive play through to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Lesley (PAMIS)

bOunceT and PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society) have worked together on short term projects over the last 3-4 years, delivering inclusive rebound therapy activities to children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

Often, this has been delivered in short blocks in collaboration with Sense Scotland at their Touchbase Lanarkshire venue in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

Picture of a wheelchair accessible rebound therapy session from last summer

Now, bOunceT and PAMIS are excited to be teaming up with South Lanarkshire Leisure to deliver a block of specialist rebound therapy session, for up to 1 year* [delivered by Occupational Therapy staff x1 day per week from July 2022].

The specialist rebound therapy sessions will take place every Friday at Fairhill’s Lifestyles building in Hamilton.

*With thanks to funding obtained by PAMIS

Lesley highlights the importance of this new project:

This group have always been extremely isolated within their community, and now due to the impact of COVID-19 they have became one of the most forgot groups in society. These weekly 1:1 sessions will help to enable these individuals join their peers, build relationship and improve their health. It will help them to become visible again – all whilst having fun!

Overall, being able to access an inclusive community building with specialist equipment and facilities – that this group needs to join such a positive appropriate activity – will make a huge difference to the overall health & well-being of this group, and their carers.

The team at South Lanarkshire Leisure have even invested in their own hoist – for us to use, ensuring rebound therapy is accessible to everyone!

Callum MacKinnon (Founder & Lead Occupational Therapist) highlights how excited bOunceT are –

We are so pleased to be working alongside PAMIS, and South Lanarkshire Leisure, to deliver this much needed service. Staff from PAMIS, and I, have been saying for ages (years!) now that we need to do something ‘bigger’ and ‘better’. These 1:1 sessions will help families so much – especially after all the lockdowns etc . Some services for the individuals we support are still not back up and running – that’s what makes this project so much more meaningful to people.

Here’s a quick snap shot of the gym hall where the trampoline will be set up [in Hamilton]

We are excited to get started!

The first OT rebound session will run on Friday 1st July! Keep an eye out on our social media & website for more information about this project.

Team Bounce OT! #bOunceT


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