Autism Acceptance Month 2021

Understanding Autism

As part of Autism Acceptance Month we would like to spread awareness by providing information to people who may not understand Autism and the challenges people with it face. The team here at bOunceT are always educating themselves to provide the best advice and we want to help break down barriers in understanding Autism.

Although many of the parents, grandparents and carers of service users will be familiar with autism, we want to clear that up for any new readers we have on this blog. To give people a better understanding, we thought this video from Ambitious about Autism would be perfect in clearing up these misconceptions.

Obstacles people with Autism face

An article from the United Nations details the obstacles people with autism face in the workplace. These obstacles have only been exasperated by the effects of COVID-19. Despite this, employers have tried to follow the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development goals by introducing inclusive employment programmes – which aim to include people with Autism and related conditions such as ADHD and OCD. However, the restrictions of COVID-19 have limited their ability to implement these goals.

These inequalities do not just take place in workplaces, children with Autism can face the same issues at school.

Whilst new methods of working have been introduced which can help those with Autism – such as remote working, there will come a day when the world returns to normal and those who work from home may be expected to come into an environment where they may not be familiar or comfortable with. To ensure that they feel like they are in a safe environment, Occupational Therapy is essential in helping them prepare for when normality returns.

How bOunceT helps tackle these obstacles

The challenges mentioned and the need for people with Autism to feel like they can develop the necessary social skills only emphasise the importance of the service we offer here at bOunceT. Since our establishment in 2017, we have been a leader in the occupational therapy sector – addressing the social inequalities people with Autism in the Forth Valley sector face. Our service has provided families a safe space where they can work with our highly qualified Play Leader’s to address whatever needs they may have.

We use our cccupational therapy background to understand the needs of the patient – such as psychological and social. We then support the patient to help them continue with life skills, work and leisure activities as independently as possible. The occupational therapy background of our Play Leaders allows them to adapt themselves to new roles.

This ability to adapt has enabled our occupational therapists to provide an engaging twist to this type of support. Although we use traditional occupational therapy concepts – we employ rebound therapy, which is currently used with people with a wide range of abilities from mild to profound physical and learning disability, sensory needs and mental health needs. This is mainly centred around a trampoline, which enables us to employ therapeutic play with our service users.

With our 4th birthday coming up this month, we have lots of exciting things planned at bOunceT which will not only expand us as a business but will also expand our reach and allow us to help even more people. Whether you are already with us on your journey or you are just coming aboard, make sure you continue to keep up to date with our journey by following us on Instagram and liking us on Facebook. Continue to support us so that we can support you!

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