Levels of Intervention

Please see Rebound Therapy OT Process & Service Pathway documents for more detailed information.

1.      Access to space only (e.g. families/carers lead sessions without bOunceT staff or volunteers being present).

2.      Play ideas / general plan for helping individuals to make best use of the spaceOccupational Therapist(OT), OT student and/or Play Assistant can highlight what resources are available to individuals and families during the sessions (e.g. YouTube channel for bOunceT activity videos); YouTube videos and channels for inclusive play ideas and other OT videos – e.g. Motorvate). In addition, information can be left on the whiteboard for families during their session from bOunceT staff and volunteers. Furthermore, individuals and families can follow inclusive play activities from our ‘folder’ of meaningful movement suggestions. *Please note these types of sessions will not be lead weekly by an Occupational Therapist.   

3.   “Help!”An OT, OT student and/or Play Assistant can come into any rebound therapy session(s) – subject to capacity – to demonstrate how to best use equipment within the room and discuss inclusive play ideas in general; YouTube and folder mentioned above can be referenced and highlighted throughout the session(s).
If suggested within the Intervention Agreement, the OT can come back to support the individual and family/carers during a session and/or use OT admin time to contact parents/ carers at home. The purpose of this will be to further build a therapeutic relationship and chat about what other support may be useful to them at this time (e.g. advice and strategies for home and/or further assistance within rebound therapy sessions.This could lead to an individuals Intervention Agreement being revised to include another level of intervention or support (see below 4/5/6).

4.      Assessment of child with tailored plan similar to above where bOunceT staff or volunteer attends the first session – but further specialist information will be gathered from what was originally taken within the initial assessment stage. The OT will take admin time during the week to develop a structured play plan with information from the individual, family/carers and anyone else relevant from their multidisciplinary (MDT) team. As mentioned above, an Intervention Agreement can be developed that states a Play Assistant and/or OT is needed to support within rebound therapy sessions (and if so, how many sessions and what stages e.g. session 1, 5, 8). The play plan document created will be developed and reviewed at an agreed time.  *See Rebound Therapy OT Process for further information.  

5.      OT Assistant – As above but block of sessions are agreed with OT Assistant (Play Assistant).

6.      OT – As above but block of sessions are agreed with OT.

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