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bOunceT is a registered social enterprise, founded in 2017 by Callum MacKinnon, Occupational Therapist. Occupational therapy provides practical support to empower people and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. An occupational therapist will consider all the person’s needs – physical, psychological, social, and environmental. 

We are an activity-based service that is occupation-centered and occupation-focused.

Our Vision:

“for all individuals to be happy, healthy and able to participate in whatever activities they want, need, or have to do”

Our Mission:

“to improve the quality of life and participation in meaningful occupations for children and adults with disabilities, and their families”

Our Values:

“play as a means to achieving other developmental goals.”
“play as an occupation: play as an aim, play as a right, and play for participation”
(Lynch & Moore, 2016)


At bOunceT, we provide a variety of services and products (new – to be launched during 2021), however our main intervention is providing inclusive and meaningful movement, and therapeutic play activities as universal, targeted and specialist interventions. Within these therapeutic play sessions, we follow our evidence based Occupational Therapy (OT) model of rebound therapy* 

*Read here about our definition of rebound therapy and where it fits within occupational therapy practice
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Our Focus

Our Focus

Our Visit from Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister)2019

To celebrate #OTWeek2019 we welcomed Scotland's First Minister & Alan Smyth, Stirling MP, to bOunceT!

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  • Callum does a great job helping young people with disabilities including my son F. F has developed core strength and balance skills from bOunceT’s rebound therapy intervention and H enjoys the sessions with Callum so much he goes weekly to Stirling… without doubt this is the highlight of his week! Callum worked with Enable whilst at University (which is where F met him) and also at Camp America with disabled kids. He is a very talented young man who does great work and I hope he gets more funding to set up further projects to brighten up the lives of kids like Frankie – well done Callum!

    Parent Partner
  • For our pupils, bOunceT is focused on the sensory and social outcomes, giving a safe space for them to experience the sensations that come with being on a trampoline and the chance to engage with Callum during the session. The benefits of the sessions extend beyond the trampoline though, with the time spent in these sessions having a calming effect which can help pupils throughout the day!

    Scottish Autism
    Heat Teacher - New Struan School
  • Staff are very well educated and trained to high standards … We recommend this service to families that we support and are happy to be funding some individuals to achieve their desired outcomes.

    Stirling Council Service
  • Very impressed! O loves his sessions and Callum is great with him

    Parent Partner
  • F can now get in and out of his car seat with very little assistance!

    Parent Partner
  • We have seen big changes in F since he has started bOunceT. He has progressed from only bouncing sitting down to bouncing on his knees and now standing. This has improved the muscle tone in his legs (which are underdeveloped) and his balance.
    As well as the physical benefits, bOunceT has given F a fun hobby. He loves the trampoline and responds well to Callum. We believe that it has built his confidence. He also uses up so much energy on the trampoline that he sleeps well following a session (a massive bonus).
    This service is fantastic and its benefits are endless. Keep up the good work Callum. You are changing young lives!

    Parent Partner

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